Logan Sawyer donates 10% of profits to ocean conservation projects! But where exactly do our donations go? We’ll show you!


We at Logan Sawyer wanted our donations to make waves. The ocean is in dire need of our help and is suffering on many levels. We wanted our donations to make a difference on as many of those levels as possible. That is why we chose the organization that we work with today!



Logan Sawyer decided to donate 10% of all profits to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Mote is making noble strides to educate, conserve, and restore the ocean. The Mote team has numerous programs that we are proud to help fund!



Here are 12 of the many programs Mote is currently working on:


1.) Coral Reef Restoration

2.) Sharks and Rays Conservation and Research

3.) Sea Turtle Conservation and Research

4.) Dolphin, Whale, and Sea Turtle Hospital

5.) Acidifcation of the Ocean

6.) Dolphin Research

7.) Stranding Research 

8.) Manatee Research

9.) Environmental Laboratory for Forensics

10.) Marine Immunology

11.) Environmental Health

12.) Ocean Technology Research 


These are just a few of the many different programs going on at Mote today! We are only scratching the surface! To learn more about Mote, to donate to Mote directly, to plan a visit to Mote, and for educational resources visit www.mote.org now!


Feel good about your purchase. Every donation is helping the ocean in so many incredible ways! 


A special thank you to Mote for all that you do. Logan Sawyer is proud to help support your mission!


Let’s save the ocean together! 


-Logan Sawyer


*Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium does not sponsor Logan Sawyer. Logan Sawyer is a proud supporter of Mote.*