Our mission is to save the ocean. When you purchase a Logan Sawyer backpack, we ship it to you in our very own eco-friendly packaging. What is so amazing about our shipping packaging? We’ll fill you in!

Logan Sawyer teamed up with a company, EcoEnclose, to help design the most eco-friendly shipping bags that we possibly could. We couldn’t do our part in helping the ocean if our company was contributing to the plastic waste that is harming the ocean. We knew that we needed to ship our bags in something that would never hurt the sea and the creatures that call it home. We want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that every purchase won’t harm the ocean.

Our shipping bags are incredible!

  • Made From 100% Recycled Material!
  • 100% Compostable!
  • Reusable!

You can feel confident with your purchase. Our shipping bags are eco-friendly and they look pretty awesome, too!


Let’s save the ocean together!

The sea is calling  II  Take us with you 

-Logan Sawyer