The Logan Sawyer brand is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle. Logan Sawyer brings us all closer to adventure and experience. It pushes us all to be the best we can be. The brand builds a community with purpose.

Logan Sawyer gives back. Our mission will always be what drives us. We donate a percentage of our profits to different ocean conservation projects. We listen to our customers’ ideas and try to get involved with various new projects. We will clean our beaches, fund research, and help save ocean creatures.

Logan Sawyer inspires us all to change. We educate and provide learning resources that everyone can use to help the ocean. There are so many little changes that we can all make at home that can change the health of the ocean. 


Logan Sawyer shows us what the power of community and compassion can do for our ocean. From educating about plastic alternatives to releasing a once injured sea turtle back into the wild healthy, and free, Logan Sawyer will make a difference.

Purpose. Dedication. Compassion. Teamwork.


Logan Sawyer is a devotion for the health of the ocean. Let’s save the ocean together.