Who is behind the brand Logan Sawyer?

 Alissa Chase is a mother of two young children. The oldest is five year old, Logan. The youngest is one year old, Sawyer. She is a model signed with an agency in Miami, Florida. Alissa resides by the beach and spends most of her free time with her family on the ocean.

Alissa’s constant exposure to the ocean has not just grown her children’s love for it’s beauty and mystery, but also their compassion for the creatures that call the ocean home. Her family enjoys daily visits from all kind of animals such as a pod of hungry dolphins catching their lunch, baby sea turtles making their way to the sea, and especially their family favorite; the manatees.


Seeing the light in her children’s eyes as they see a passing manatee is bittersweet. They have been endangered and at risk. What if one day my children can never see these beautiful creatures again? What if one day manatees are just a memory of their childhood? 

These saddening thoughts and seeing the overwhelming amount of pollution on the local beaches broke Alissa’s heart. These beaches are not just important to her children, but they are important to the creatures that live in the sea. She knew in her heart that she found a purpose. She believed in her soul that with the right tools, she could bring people closer together as a community and save the ocean at the same time.


Alissa then created Logan Sawyer, a backpack company that designs incredible beach backpacks. She sat down with her son Logan and drew pictures together. Alissa wanted her son to be a part of the process to show him that any dream is possible and that anyone can make a difference. She assembled a team of designers to bring her visions to life and a network of projects that need funding. Now, Logan Sawyer is open for business and is donating a percent of profits to ocean conservation projects and well as educating the community about all of the ways we can save the ocean from home.


Alissa believes that if we all work together, we can save the ocean and enjoy the ocean responsibly.


Stand with Alissa and Logan Sawyer. Let’s save the ocean together.